In summary RFID describes a group of wireless technologies very similar to barcodes. However you need to see a barcode to read it, with RFID you don’t.

With RFID you most often cannot see the barcode equivalent of the scanner nor the barcode. These are two principle reasons why most RFIDs go completely unnoticed. They can be very similar or have different security features allowing their use as contactless Bank cards, tickets or identity documents. There is a whole range of different technical features and characteristics that allow RFIDs to be tailored to their purpose or application.

For those wishing to know more about the breadth of technical characteristics encompassed by RFID or anything else to do with this technology, please browse the site for more information.

Welcome to RFID&U. Our goal is to provide an introductory explanation of a technology which you most likely already use and, use increasingly: RFID.

RFID where “RF” refers to radio frequency or wireless and the “ID” means identification, has grown so much over the past few years that you will soon be seeing signs everywhere around the world indicating its presence. These signs, logos or emblems provide you an opportunity to gain greater advantages from RFID but it may equally confuse and hence the reason why RFID&U was created in 2013.

RFID&U is a small but growing consortium which is focused on connecting the public with accurate information related to RFID use in the public domain. For more information on RFID&U see "RFID&U Background".


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