RFID logo


There are many different RFID signs but the one that you will most likely see and recognize is the RFID Emblem. The RFID Emblem indicates the possible presence of one or more RFIDs. Use of the RFID Emblem is not mandatory but it is recommended and growing in popularity internationally amongst industry and governments.


There are many similarities between the WiFi Hotspot emblem and the RFID Emblem as they both indicate the potential presence and use of wirelessly connecting things. The RFID Emblem and any associated RFID signs help you to be better informed or assist in allowing you derive further benefits from RFID today or in the future.


What does it mean? The RFID Emblem provides you notification that RFID may be present in an object or, in use in the area around you. It is not a universal guarantee that RFID is present or in use, but that it might be.


The RFID Emblem can be found on goods we buy, on websites informing us about things we receive which have RFID or, on RFID information signs, on RFID information Web pages or, anywhere where RFID can be present or operating.

The European Commission worked with industry and consumer groups towards establishing correct and consistent displaying of the RFID Emblem throughout Europe and influencing its adoption internationally. That way wherever you are the RFID Emblem should convey the same message. This resulted in the EC publishing industry acclaimed guidelines for the RFID Emblem's use.

Why now?

Newer smaller RFIDs are now seeing widespread use within things we come across every day, protected behind labels and within plastic cards and, therefore, masked from view. RFIDs may therefore be present without your knowledge. To avoid surprises the RFID Emblem has been introduced to raise your awareness.