RFID logo

What does it mean to you?

It is not a universal guarantee that RFID is present or in use. It is only an indication that it might be.

For example an RFID Emblem may:

  1. Be positioned to inform you that products offered here have RFID but they may be out-of-stock meaning there are no RFIDs at that moment.
  2. Indicate that RFID is used on the premises you are entering but the RFID may only be switched-on and in use periodically, for example in the evening when stock is checked.
  3. Only indicate that some products or services use or contain RFIDs, or that some information on the website relates to RFID.
  4. Never indicate whether the RFID is OK or broken.
  5. Also be legally used where it has no relationship with RFID whatsoever: The guidelines for using the RFID Emblem are entirely voluntary.