Our "Smart" Keys

For many of us RFID has replaced a number of traditional metal keys. These “smart” keys often resembling plastic Bank cards offer us access to a number of areas such as offices, car parking, hotel rooms, lockers in sports changing rooms and a whole host of other locked entries. Not only are they more secure than metal keys, we don’t have to carry bunches of keys nor search pockets and bags to find the right one for each door or barrier. Moreover, because these keys are wireless we don’t have to remove them to use them.


1. One slim plastic card to carry instead of multiple or bunches of keys.

2. No need to look for, remove and insert a metal key. Just present your wallet, purse, bag or wrist band containing the RFID "smart" key to the door, as it works wirelessly.

3. If you lose a "smart" key no need to change all the locks. It can be cancelled as easily as Bank card can be "stopped" and, a new "smart" key can be reissued without a visit to a keysmith or lock specialist.

Future story

Whether accessing my work place offices or, their parking garage or, my hotel room and hotel facilities what is truly wonderful about RFID access control is the reliability and speed with which you can enter many access controlled areas with only one card. It is almost like being at home everywhere. RFID means little or no effort to unlock doors or turnstiles or, open vehicle barriers and without the reliability frustrating issues associated with worn or scratched bar codes, or demagnetized swipe cards.