Contactless Payment

When we are 'out and about' there are many ways to pay but none are as fast, secure, hygienic and convenient as contactless payment. Here we take a broad definition of contactless payment, referring to all ways of paying for something without having to slot a plastic Bank card into a device nor handle money. Whether it is a season ticket card for the underground, tram, bus or even ski-lift; an automatic road toll payment or, the latest and fastest way of paying for your shopping, all can use a high security form of RFID.


  1. No need to look for your ticket just flash your wallet or purse and instantly you can access the Metro, tram, bus or ski lift and, often without a break in your stride thanks to RFID.   
  2. Due to the speed advantage RFID brings to the process you generally face fewer queues and benefit from a faster service due to contactless payment.
  3. Paying for things couldn’t be easier, confirming your purchase can be done without “digging-out” your Bank card.

Future story

Every day I take transport to get to work. Regardless of whether I use the bus, tram or metro I just "flash" my wallet with my RFID season ticket card and immediately I can seek a seat without queuing.

One bad day I lost my wallet. Most likely it was stolen but I cannot be sure. While first I thought of stopping my Bank cards I then realized I could also go 'on-line' and stop my travel season ticket too. Not only could I stop it a new one was sent to me in the overnight Post. If and when you have such a bad day at least RFID can help make it the "least-worst possible day".