RFID logo

Examples of where the RFID Emblem may be found?

For example an RFID Emblem may be found:

  1. On any retail product or product packaging and visible at the point of sale where there the product or product packaging has an RFID (or more than one RFID). Whether the RFID is in or on the product: Whether the RFID is in or on the packaging: Whether the RFID is attached to or embedded within a hanging label or a plastic card.
  2. On a shelf indicating that the products on the shelf have or may have RFID.
  3. At a doorway which may indicate that RFID(s) is(are) used or may be used on the premises or in the area you are entering.
  4. On a poster to tell you that either the poster has an RFID or the information it presents relates to RFID.
  5. On a website to indicate that products or services offered involve or use RFID, or that the website presents information related to RFID.
  6. On electronic screens such as your mobile phone to indicate the application you clicked uses RFID.

For those wishing to know more please refer to the RFID sign use guidelines.